Building a health & fitness platform.

Wellness and community at the core.

Our partnership with Reset Collective has been an exciting challenge. We’ve collaborated with Gabs and Mel and built an online subscription platform that hosts all of their workout classes, yoga flows, meditations and more.

This project has included the production of new health and fitness content, a redesign of Reset’s brand identity, and the design and build of an e-commerce website, which provides users with an accessible health and fitness subscription. This allows Reset to reach their community wherever they are.

"Where do we even start with ThinkStory. Our journey with them so far has been nothing short of incredible. As a team, they are energetic, kind, creative and so efficient. Their ideas and input have been invaluable and we are over the moon with our digital marketing, our website and every other aspect of work they have created for us.

We look forward to working with them and creating even more magic in the future. We can’t recommend them enough!"

Gabs Akal & Mel Van Straaten

Founders of Reset Collective

E-commerce Web Development

Reset Collective are a health and fitness brand, who have been creating wellness and fitness videos for their community. They needed a website with a subscription-based, e-commerce system built into it. We partnered with Reset to build them a comprehensive website that has a portal where people can sign up to receive monthly fitness content.

The content is behind a paywall, which was built on Shopify. This sets up monthly recurring payments for Reset members, who receive new content every week.

Brand Strategy

Reset Collective began during the COVID 19 lockdown, and the brand has grown significantly since then. We came onboard in 2022 to help them with their long-term brand strategy, so that their business continues to grow and reach people all over the world.

We adjusted the visual identity and redesigned the visual assets used on social media and for Reset’s marketing. The shift in visual identity has elevated the user experience, and now customers get to experience Reset Collective as a cohesive brand with a playful and energetic vibe. Our brand strategy work with Reset has also included setting up an influencer marketing campaign to drive customers to the Reset website.

Brand Identity

Reset Collective’s previous branding was outdated and ineffective. When we joined their team, we redesigned their brand identity, creating a new colour palette, typeface, logo and other digital assets.

The new brand identity is scalable on the e-commerce website, and can also be implemented into all video content that is produced for the Reset members. These elements have also been implemented on social media channels, creating a cohesive brand identity across all digital touch-points.

Business Strategy

We collaborated with Reset Collective to create an entirely new digital product: an online health and fitness subscription model service. Members make month to month credit card payments and receive weekly content related to health, wellness and fitness.

The business strategy has been in line with Reset’s vision of building human connection through digital tools. By developing a chat platform, we have been able to connect all the Reset community members and create a space for conversation, friendship and support. Our business strategy took into account that the platform has a high network effect. The more people on the platform, the better the value proposition will be.

Media Production

In order to share fresh content with Reset Online subscribers every week, we have produced content in collaboration with Gabs and Mel. Production of each video includes co-ordinating shoots dates, set-up and filming of each workout or yoga class, as well as post-production editing and scheduling on the website.

By elevating the quality of their content, and providing post-production editing, Reset increases their value proposition and brings new people into their community.

Content Creation

As part of our collaboration with Reset Collective, we have created specific content focused on their new website. The aim of the content we have created is to drive traffic to the website and increase subscriptions.

Our content creation for Reset has included graphic designs for grid posts and stories, edited reels and short-form video content as well as stills from shoots that can be shared with their audience on social media

Video Production

Each video shared on with Reset subscribers on the website has been edited by our video editing team. This includes audio adjustments, the addition of copyright-free background music, colour grading and motion graphics that are specific to each category of video. Each video is customised and optimised before it is released to the Reset Online community.

Digital Strategy

In growing their brand and expanding their offering to include a subscription-based model has been a big shift for Reset. But we have worked closely with the Reset team, providing strategic thinking about how best to position the brand in the digital space and how to market this new product to their loyal community.

Changing the game.