Moving beyond your comfort zone.

Editorial storytelling.

Women’s Health has always focused on health and fitness, especially in ways that encouraged readers to explore sport and fitness outside of their comfort zone. As part of their 2019 winter challenge, we photographed the South African editorial team on their health and fitness journeys.

This editorial shoot was shot across Cape Town in one day, and featured many members of the Women’s Health editorial team, each demonstrating their chosen 30-day fitness activity.

"From the very first time I worked with Matt at a photo and video shoot, he made me feel so comfortable as a subject. He is excellent at working with people and I have been fortunate enough to have worked with him a few times over the past two years.

I enjoyed working with him so much as a model, I hired him for another shoot for the magazine brand I was working for at the time, Women's Health. Matt did an incredible feature shoot for us! He also has a brilliant video set up for live streaming events. I would highly recommend working with Matt!"

Amy Hopkins

Former Editor, Women’s Health

Shoot Production

Because we only had one day to shoot an editorial feature, we had to make sure we had all the logistics organised beforehand. We liaised with the client and the talent, booked a crew and hired additional equipment that we would need.

We also scouted and planned the different locations that we would shoot, making sure that everything would run smoothly. Because of such time constraints, we had to ensure that we had all our ducks in a row.


High quality stills photography was required for magazine publishing and distribution. We used a high quality lighting set up and shot with specificity in mind, to achieve the exact shots that were needed for each page spread.

Overall this project was a great success, with the magazine able to tell their story effectively, through captivating imagery.

Beyond all limits.