Leaving a lasting

A work of art, literally.

Zeitz MOCAA is one of Cape Town’s most incredible museums, with an events space that draws crowds and clients from around the world.

We worked alongside the Zeitz MOCAA Ocular Lounge and Events team on the development of high-end media content that would help them to convey the quality of their offerings to new prospects globally.

Film Production

One of the events we filmed was the 2019 Cape Town Baroque Festival in collaboration with Zeitz MOCAA Events and The Flat Mountain Project. In the atrium of the museum a local orchestra presented an evening of recomposed baroque works. We produced a full recording of a concert inside the museum’s, as well as producing stills during the concert.

We have also provided the Zeitz Events team with a full video walk through of the event space, which they could share with prospective clients, because nothing conveys the story of an experience better than video and high quality film.

Content Creation

Working with Zeitz MOCAA Events for a long time gave us access to the museum and the event space, where we were able to produce high quality content, including general stills and video, that could be shared on their social media channels.

We produced content that included both sunrise and sunset shoots, capturing the beauty of Table Mountain from the museums event space.

We also provided the Events team with ad-hoc stills production for small events, and assisted with events coverage. We were there to help the Events team tell the story of their space whenever they needed us.

Product Photography

A-Create is one of Zeitz MOCAA Events’ sister companies, specialising in the sale and rental of high end furniture and decor. The event’s space was the perfect canvas for A-Create’s products to shine.

We came onboard to assist with the visual documentation of their product range, on display in the Zeitz MOCAA Events space, over an extended period of time.

Food Photography

Zeitz MOCAA Events needed to capture some of their special event menus. We captured the beauty and deliciousness of their food and drink offerings in high quality stills, that could be used as promotional material or social media content.

All the food photography that we produced was captured during each event, with extreme time and space limitations. But we were able to capture every item in every menu in its best possible light.

Connection through content.